The ideal location for colocation

The ideal location for colocation

The East Africa Data Centre provides space, power, cooling and physical security for the server, storage and networking equipment of other firms.  

It also links directly to Liquid Telecom's network service and other local carriers.  This allows us to provide clients with reduced levels of cost and complexity. 

Colocation services

Floor space
The Data Centre covers a total of 2,000m2 across four 500m2 floors.

Rack space
Each floor can hold up to 160 racks, ensuring a maximum of 1 rack per 3m2 of floor space.

Customers racks are installed on a raised floor with a minimum clearance of 900mm capable of supporting a floor load minimum of 1200kg per m2. 

Hours of operation
24/7/365 support.


The N+1 system maintains a constant ambient temperature of 22+/-2 °C with relative humidity of 50 to 60%. The cooling system has its own standby generator.


Unified Building Management System (BMS) logs all security and environmental data. Alarms and early warning message alert NOC agents on duty 24/7/365.

Carrier neutral connectivity

The Data Centre is carrier neutral with connectivity into and out of the building offered by a number of local and international carriers. Cross connections between carriers within the Data Centre are provided by East Africa Data Centre.

  • Meet-me room – Connections within the meet-me room are subject
    to different charging policies to the Data Centre.
  • All cabling is managed by our installation policies and by approved EADC installers to guarantee availability.


  • AC power is provided to the rack from two separate diverse routes from the main distribution board. Separate fused A & B power tap off-units provide power.
  • N+1 power is provided at the site
    with design provision for two manual commercial power ring feeds diversely routed. N+1 diesel powered engines are capable of supporting the site sufficiently with a fuel reserve to run the Data Centre for 48hrs.
  • Power continuity – Ensured by parallel redundant UPS systems. Each UPS bus is designed to support full floor load in case of failure with a 1 hour back up period.
  • Power upgrades – Available subject to feasibility and approval by the Data Centre team. Lead times would be one week for approval and 3 weeks for implementation.

Fire prevention

INERGEN gas fire suppression system with smoke and heat sensors.

Continuous security

Physical and electronic systems – including metal detectors, proximity card readers, Biometric access control plus turnstiles at various manned access points. Continuous recorded and archived CCTV of all zones and cabinets. Additional policies can be implemented for private cage customers.

Expert first line support

Available 24/7/365 with technical assistance for basic operational functions, diagnostic and repair activity for certain customer equipment, dealt with on a ticketing system.