The East Africa Data Centre has been designed to offer clients a bespoke service for all their particular data needs.

Even though every client has specific requirements, we know from listening that there are certain questions you all need answers to. So, we have tried to answer those questions here.

Where is the East Africa Data Centre?

Sameer Industrial Park, Nairobi, Kenya.

What service providers are accepted?

Carrier neutral infrastructure; all telcos; local and international to be hosted.

Is there a local loop link?

Yes, this can be optionally bundled with monthly local/international loop charge through our network.

How much space is available?

Total of 2000m2 of Data Centre floor space over 4 x 500m2 floors.

What racking is provided?

Half rack, full rack and/or a caged area.

Is there a staging area?

Yes, there is sufficient staging area space available.

What standard is the DC power?

TIA – 942 standard, as a Tier 3 facility with 99.982% guaranteed availability.

What is the power density?

4.5Kw dual input power per rack. Rack area designed to accommodate 47U rack height with adjustments on floor footprint possible.

Is there power redundancy?

Design in place to accommodate dual feed of 6MW main supply. Current installation has one feed in place with the utility supplier to install the second feed. Backup power is however redundant with an N+1 installation of diesel generators.

Can extra suppression and security systems be added?

Yes, as modification of floor space to meet higher standards is possible and has been incorporated in the design and build.

What support is available?

Fully dedicated 24/7/365 Network Operation Centre.

What is the energy efficiency of the facility?

It has been designed in line with internationally acceptable “Green Building” concepts. The aim is to achieve an LEED Certification.

Is there a Business Continuity Centre?

No, just customer work space with secure Keyboard/Video and Mouse (KVM) connection to equipment within the Data Centre, available on request.

Is there a customer training room?

Yes a fully equipped training room is available on request.

If you have any further questions please contact us here.